World’s Most Powerful Facial: Aztec Indian Clay Mask

Hello there beautiful people! So a year ago I was on a hunt for a mask that would give me a glowly, clear and healthy looking skin. A lot of people recommended the Glam glow mud mask but it’s quite expensive. So instead I looked up for a dupe and I bumped into this on the internet. After buying it from my recent visit to the Philippines I went ahead and gave it a go. All of my family members started using it too and I kid you not people would ask us about our skin’s radiance. Even members with matured skin did use this too and their skin has never looked much younger!

Now people claims this mask will:
-remove dirt and impurities from pores.
-remove blackheads.
-clear acne and acne scars.
-smoothen skin texture.
-terminate pimples.
-world’s most powerful facial!


Okay so I started using this mask once every week. Then slowly moved up to twice a week for days when I have really bad skin. Since I did’nt have apple cider vinegar with me I just stuck with good boiled water. Which also works pretty much the same.  For today  I will show you how you can make it with apply cider vinegar which is available at any grocery store.

Now let us prepare our mixture. You’ll need a spoon, the powder clay, apple cider vinegar or boiled water and a small container where you’ll mix the mask. Take about 1/4 tb. spoon of the powder clay and if you use a spoon for the water or vinegar then use about 1 or 1 and half tb. spoon of it. I use the cap of the apple cider and I use about two caps of it in my mixture. I’m warning you apply cider vinegar does have a very strong scent to it so if you don’t like it use boiled water. However if you do choose to use apple cider then it will fizz up when poured in together with the powder but if you choose to go for water then it won’t cause any reaction as such.

Mix it well. If you need to add in more of apply cider or boiled water you may. Your mixture must be creamy and smooth in texture. Do a patch text first to insure you are not allergic nor will your skin burn. If the signs are clear then proceed to apply it on a clean face with a brush or a flat spoon which works fine as well. Leave it in for 15-20 mins or until it is completely dry. Wash your face with lukewarm water in a circular motion to add in a little exfoliation and then pat your face dry. It will look red like a tomato but that is completely normal. The redness will fade away in a couple of minutes. If it’s a burn discontinue using it for your own safety. You might need to moisturize since this mask can cause your skin to dry a bit.

LOL I have no idea why my sister’s expression’s like this

And voila! most of your pimples will deflate and you skin will feel soft as a baby’s bum and majority of your blackheads and whiteheads are gone. Makeup will sit on your face much more smoother and will look beautiful. Do use this twice a week if your skin is more problematic and only once if not.

Happy beautiful skin days x


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