Hello beautiful people! How are you all? So, ramadan is approaching next week. A time of the year where we muslims fast for a month everyday from dawn to sunset (fajr to maghrib). It is also a time where alot of friends and family gather together to feast during iftaar which is the time where we break our fast.  And getting ready while fasting is quite a task. From outfits to makeup to shoes. Never fear! Cause I’ve put together pieces that are very versatile where you could either dress it up or dress it down to fit your own style. You could even wear these pieces anytime of the year. Hope you’ll like it. Do let me know down in the comments.  -Fatma


Outfit 1: You can never go wrong with black and white. The top is an eastern wear which is called as a kurti/kurta. The cloth is very breathable and the detailing on the cloth and palazzo pants is the perfect combination of chic and classy.  And black velvet heels are EVERYTHING!


Outfit 2: This summer it’s all about flare. So I paired a bell sleeved dress with palazzo pants. Both together creates beautiful movement as you walk. You may even wear the top by itself.


Outift 3: So the last outfit I have for you guys with the palazzo pants is this heavily printed and embroidered kurti. It is colorful, fun and well, it screams summer.

Outfit 4: Prints for summer not only looks beautiful but it also glams up any look. For me I find white prints on any color goes with almost any plain top or bottoms you would want to pair it with. In this look, I paired it with a embroidered kurti to create that fresh summer-y look.


Outfit 5: Skirts. Long, short, fitted, flowy, colorful, printed or plain skirts of any kind always gives off a chill and beachy vibe. And this summer everyone will be in one. Pair with any bright colored or printed top and you’re good to go.


Outfit 6: For those ladies that opt out on bright colors this duo together is perfect for you. The skirt in the picture appears a bit brighter than what it actually is. It’s dark navy blue in color when you actually have it right infront of you. So minimalism with a mix of eastern at it’s best.

Thank you for reading! Let me know what you people want to see on my next post.




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